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The top Virtual Photography communities on Instagram in 2022

@picle - 16/02/2022

In January 2022 we counted around 1.5 million Instagram posts for #virtualphotography. From the associated hashtags, we found the top most amazing Virtual Photography communities. There may be more popular communities for gaming, screenshots and photography but we wanted to showcase the most relevant for Virtual Photography in 2022. Enjoy.

Society of Virtual Photographers

Instagram: @societyofvirtualphotographers
Hashtag: #societyofvirtualphotographers

With 16k posts in January, the Society of Virtual Photographers (SVP) is a well deserved first on the list. SVP is an online community dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for the growth and showcasing of Virtual Photography.

SVP describes itself as a massive multi-national community that spans 5 of the 6 inhabitable continents, both hemispheres, and over 15 time zones. The community are represented by people of different religions, ethnicities, genders and gender identities, sexual orientations, disabilities, and much more.


Instagram: @virtualphotographygamers
Hashtag: #vpgamers

With 13k posts, VPGamers are second on the list. VPGamers describe themselves as an accumulation of Virtual Photographers who in their free time dedicate themselves to making a place for like-minded gamers to feel comfortable.

They strive to feature only the best photos because they want to inspire others to do their best, to inspire those that want to get better. They feature randomly selected photos from their #vpgamers hashtag.


Instagram: @gamergram_gg
Hashtag: #gamergram

Next with a very close 12k Instagram posts comes GamerGram. They are passionate about gaming and photography, and they have been supporting the art of Virtual Photography since 2014.

They have exhibited their communities work at photography conventions such as The Photography Show and they champion the art of VP in publications such as Digital Camera World. They continue to make connections in the gaming world to help drive the community forward.

The Captured Collective

Instagram: @the_captured_collective
Hashtag: #thecapturedcollective

The Captured Collective had 11k posts in January and are the first community on the list that aren't exclusive to Virtual Photography. They were founded in 2016 and share a passion for visual art and photography.

They encourage you to share your work with them and the community using the hashtag #TheCapturedCollective. This can include Real Photography, Virtual Photography and Visual Art Mediums.

Zarn Gaming

Instagram: @zarn_gaming
Hashtag: #zarngaming

At 10k posts in January, Zarn Gaming comes in next. We're reliably informed that after a short hiatus Zarn Gaming has returned back to full service. So we hope to see it higher on our next list as the community starts growing again.

This community is run by David Zarn, a virtual/gaming photographer and a part-time streamer on Twitch with @Game_Cropped, @Adelxfrost and @Gambobbl. They promote Virtual Photography through his hashtag #zarngaming and also on a vibrant Discord community.


Hashtag: #piclegaming

There were many more communities above Picle, we only got 500 posts. But as we wrote this article we thought we'd get in a final note.

Picle is a new community and platform founded in 2021 for showcasing the best virtual photography and video game screenshots. We feature and promote screenshots and Virtual Photography on our channels from content exclusively uploaded here to our platform. So please consider joining us and hopefully we'll be higher up the list next time!

Artist Credits

@aquelyras, @bazz.vp, @boltyspm, @eos_vp, @fokalizer, @g00ru_, @gnorles, @greyeaglegaming, @hazelgreen_vp, @horizon_addicts, @hydropowerx, @itsbrittgaming, @jedishoui.vp, @jessies_vp, @kumori.vp, @lizardthrope, @medusa.captures, @missjedi6, @mrsprydwen.vp, @nokk.vp, @p0nsy_gc,, @sefwick, @simon0avp, @souls_screener, @spiggy_smallz, @theloadscreen, @therajabros, @vspeedstar

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