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About Picle

Level up your screenshots

Picle is a new community and platform for showcasing the best virtual photography and video game screenshots.

Take your screenshots to the next level and upload them to Picle today. We review and actively promote the top screenshots here and on our social channels.

If your creating and uploading just for fun, or you want to build your profile, Picle can help to increase your exposure and get your creations to our like-minded community.

Create a profile and upload your screenshots. Picle will pick and feature the best of our users work every day. Best of all, it's free!

If you need more information, get in touch on our social channels or the contact methods below. Our team is always happy to help.

Thanks for considering Picle. We hope you'll join us on this journey.


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Need assistance with the Picle website, order or entry? We'll get you the help you need. Email support now.

support@picle.io →


We’re happy to hear about new affiliate or partnerships, contact us for more information.

affiliates@picle.io →


The Picle press email inbox is regularly checked during opening hours. Enquiries will be responded to as quickly as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to to pay to enter? do you ask for credit card details?
No, the prizes are completely free, you don't need a credit card. We just ask for your username, email, date of birth and country.
Is the prize international or only in the US?
The prize is 100% international, any country can enter. The prize money will be $50 but we will convert this (in supported currencies) to local currency when the prize is paid.
Are there a minimum number of entries for a prize?
Yes, the minimum number of entries for a prize is 12. If this limit isn't reached voting won't take place. Make sure to share the prize.
Do I need to have taken the screenshot myself?
Yes, all Picle uploads and prize entries should be in-game screenshots taken by yourself. Though we do sometimes feature press screenshots of upcoming games on our account, but these are clearly highlighted.
How are Picle prizes judged?
Picle prizes are judged by the entrants themselves. Once you enter the prize you will be notified of the first-round vote after the entries deadline.
Are there any qualifications required to enter the prizes?
You can enter the prizes regardless of nationality, gender, or professional/amateur status.
Are there any fees to enter the prizes?
No, your only entry per edition is FREE!. The single entry makes the competition fairer and allows only true members of our community to become judges.
Will I receive notification that my entry has been received?
You will be sent a receipt on entry. And you can also see all your entries within your account.
Please tell me the size and format.
For image submissions, the file size for each image must be square and within 10MB, the recommended file format is JPEG/150 dpi, and sRGB color space is standard.
Can edited screenshots be submitted?
Yes, we welcome edited screenshots and virtual photography, but you must tick the edited box on upload/entry.

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IGDB - A video game database, intended for both game consumers and video game professionals alike Yin Indie - A World of Wholesome Games

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